Quando in un bosco ne percepisci la bellezza e diventi tutt'uno con il bosco, allora, intuitivamente, sei in armonia e in pace con le Dee e con gli Dei. Essi sono parte della nostra vera natura, la nostra Natura Profonda, e quando siamo separati dalla nostra vera natura, viviamo nella paura. Percepire questa normalità vuol dire dare un senso reale al vivere che è insito in tutte le cose.

Intraprendere la Via Romana al Divino significa iniziare un percorso di risveglio: praticando l'attenzione e la consapevolezza continua ci incamminiamo lungo una strada sapendo che ciò che conta è il cammino per sè più che la destinazione.

When you, entering a forest, perceive the beauty of the forest and you feel to be in a complete harmony with it, then, intuitively, you are in peace with the Deities. They are an essential part of our real nature, our Deep Nature, and when we are separated by our real nature we live in the fear. Perceiving such normality means giving a real sense to our lives.

Undertaking the Roman Via to the Deities implies a path to awakening: with the practice of continuing consciousness and awareness we undertake our walking knowing that taking the path is more important than the destination itself

venerdì 15 settembre 2017

About Divination - 2

During this period, I have been, more or less "voluntary", engaged in deepening some ancient divinatory practices. Sometimes I had to deal with some rather surprising results that are driving me to make some personal reflections on this particular aspect.

I have already written in my previous post, that Divination presupposes a vision and a conception about time completely different from the conventional, common and profane one. At the same time, as the concept of time changes, the approach Cultor or Cultrix has towards the reality that surrounds us tend to change as well. Similarly the "phenomena", and the ways in which these phenomena, in the form of events, happen and manifest themselves can be seen and perceived under a completely different light.

Reality appears as concatenations of flowing events, within processes of mutation and continuous change; it is like being in front of rivers, flows, waves characterized by dense  and complex networks of relationships in which some forces, energies and powers in some way determine or influence the course of these rivers, flows and waves in which we all are immersed.

This vision implies that the future is not predetermined and therefore also unpredictable because we ourselves are an active components of these flows. Divination therefore is not a way to "read" the future, but it provides a vision and interpretation of those signs related to these rivers of flowin  events and their direction. It is not therefore a mere knowledge of the future, but a way to "somehow" determine the future, because, thorugh Divination one can come into contact, in sympathy and harmony, with those forces that determine the course of events through the signs that leave in the Reality , in the World, in Nature.

All of these elements embodied in the so-called "Invisible Masters" that may provide those basic components of knowledge that can not be found in texts or books. Often there are just in front of our eyes, but, taken from our business, hurry and technological gadgets, we are hardly able to notice them ...

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