Quando in un bosco ne percepisci la bellezza e diventi tutt'uno con il bosco, allora, intuitivamente, sei in armonia e in pace con le Dee e con gli Dei. Essi sono parte della nostra vera natura, la nostra Natura Profonda, e quando siamo separati dalla nostra vera natura, viviamo nella paura. Percepire questa normalità vuol dire dare un senso reale al vivere che è insito in tutte le cose.

Intraprendere la Via Romana al Divino significa iniziare un percorso di risveglio: praticando l'attenzione e la consapevolezza continua ci incamminiamo lungo una strada sapendo che ciò che conta è il cammino per sè più che la destinazione.

When you, entering a forest, perceive the beauty of the forest and you feel to be in a complete harmony with it, then, intuitively, you are in peace with the Deities. They are an essential part of our real nature, our Deep Nature, and when we are separated by our real nature we live in the fear. Perceiving such normality means giving a real sense to our lives.

Undertaking the Roman Via to the Deities implies a path to awakening: with the practice of continuing consciousness and awareness we undertake our walking knowing that taking the path is more important than the destination itself

venerdì 9 giugno 2017

The Walnut tree

The Walnut is a sacred tree to Juno, a Goddess to whom the month of June in dedicated.

According to the Roman tradition, walnuts were thrown and donated to the spouses after the ceremony of the wedding as symbolic link with Juno: furthermore, as the fruit is protected by a woody shell, this also represents the protection of Juno on the family.

Like all trees, even walnut is an "inhabited" living being: its nymph is Caria (Kar or Ker ) who gives the sacred name to this tree. From the name of the nymph Kar or Ker comes the Latin term Kerebellum (brain) also for the resemblance of the walnut fruit with the brain according to the Science of Correspondence. Walnut is used in fact for its beneficial properties especially for the brain. The kernel, because of its resemblance to the brain, is sacred to Minerva while the shell is sacred to Janus for resemblance to a boat.

Ker, Kar, Caria is also connected with Carmenta beacuse the walnut is an oracle tree: at a walnut  healers, shamans, and seers went to have inspiration, visions and prophecies. Moreover, walnut, thanks to this connection with Carmenta, is one of the fundamental trees at the base of the sacred alphabet and calendar.
This tree is linked also to the Great Mother: it represents life and death, light and darkness.

For all these reasons, especially because of its connection with these female Deities and Sacred Forces, Christianity has linked walnut to Satan, to sabers and witches.

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